The dads are into some new games. One's a shiny new experience with Monster Hunter World, and another old and dusty with Chess.

This week the dad try and reflect back on the decade that was...always hard to do with a muddle Gaming Dad brain. They recount the games that meant th...View Details

This week the dads have finally crawled out from their sick houses and go through the recent winners of the Gaming Awards 2019!

The dads have survived, and get it together to review the recent announcements from Blizzard and Blizzcon.

This week, the dads go through a number of new items: Fortnite, Playstation 5 rumors, and they discuss new Apple Arcade releases along with some of th...View Details

This week, the dads just want one...single...yes. They also review recently released Mario Kart Tour on mobile, and the new Apple Arcade.

This week the dads have a quick trip to Borderlands 3, talk skates, and lament the future of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

This week the dads discuss the ups and downs of kids being back in school and relive some classic moments as SNES games come to the Nintendo Switch vi...View Details

Due to some Dad situations we had some technical issues with the recordings and did not get 138 up before 139. But, we still wanted to post this show ...View Details

This week it's all about No Man's Sky VR! The dad's have both had their experiences in space and have landed to talk through it.

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