This week the dads talk of how we've all become Hal from Malcom in the Middle, along with some Nintendo pickups of Trials and Mario + Rabbids, and sur...View Details

This week the dads struggle to make an honest gaming avatar, discuss vacation as remote work, and delve into some Metroid Dread drama.  

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This week the Dads discuss a step back into VR with a new Oculus Quest 2! One dad has received undue scrutiny from Child Services, and they kick of th...View Details

This week a New Dad has suffered a terrible Mario Kart loss, the other dad stands Mario Kart defiant, they talk some releases from the recent E3, lame...View Details

This week the dads defend the GameBoy SP, Jeff gets reacquainted with his Switch when his PS5 is highjacked, and Trevor professes the beautiful dad fu...View Details

This week the Dad's discuss the current situation with Pokémon Cards, Beyblades, Next Gen Consoles, and how their kids will interact with collecting i...View Details

This week, one dad gets stabbed in the back when a child casts aside the dads childhood game for Minecraft, and another fights mightily just to get IN...View Details

This week the dads discuss the storm they caused with their Final Fantasy Cheat poll, we review a submitted Gamer Dad Story from Bill of the "A Gamer...View Details

This week a Dad beat a Game! Donut Country, to be precise, but you may be surprised just how he did it (hint: it involves streaming and a fruit).

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This week the dads review some submissions for first childhood gaming trauma. They also have Trevor's brother Tim give his recollection of why he kick...View Details

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