This week the New Dads discuss ManEater (the surprise Family game!), just what Roblox is and what Dads need to know, and 14 year old kids carrying the...View Details

This week, the Gaming Dads discuss how to win with class to their little ones, the recent BeanDad (#beandad) controversy, celebrate an amazing diaper ...View Details

This week, the new dads discuss whether the ultimate surprise of a new console under the tree still exists, how to display a digital gift, and the ref...View Details

This week the dad's discuss the untapted potential of kid's game time being used for their own grinding, plus a talk on the CyberPunk 2077 release, Am...View Details

This week the dads take a look at the Gaming Awards 2020 and come away with a's fine. They also discuss the games that took up the m...View Details

This week one dad almost gives in to a scalper, but is saved by his better half and, in a lucky twist of fate, ends up with a new Xbox Series S. Hear ...View Details

This week, the dads congratulate a fellow gaming dad for his fitness journey, get challenged to a fitness challenge of their own, discuss some rampant...View Details

This week Jeff describes his and his kids first PS5 experiences, as Trevor rants and swears at the awful scourge of console scalpers. 

One gaming dad is dealing with his best / worst fears, as he wrestles getting his kid in trouble for gaming while in class. The dads discuss the upcom...View Details

This week, the dads make an impassioned case for Easy mode, and discuss the imminent release of the PS5 and what is most exciting about it for New Dad...View Details

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