Due to some Dad situations we had some technical issues with the recordings and did not get 138 up before 139. But, we still wanted to post this show ...View Details

This week it's all about No Man's Sky VR! The dad's have both had their experiences in space and have landed to talk through it.

This week one dad has "Switch"ed and dived into the world that Mario built, and the dads discuss the console as a family unit and the warm familiar em...View Details

This week a review of the just past E3 2019 from a Gaming Dad's perspective. And specifically, a list that has the Gaming Dad's themselves excited, an...View Details

The dad's discuss custom made Smash Brother's Levels, Playdoh School Why's, The Incredible Machine, Final Fantasy 7 Remake This week's victory goes to...View Details

The dads talk about the upcoming PlayStation 5, Smash Brothers Stage Builder, and God of War One Year Anniversary. This week's victory goes to Indie G...View Details

This week we share a kid horror story, talk about the recent Anthem controversy, and talk difficulty in gaming for dads (in light of Sekiro: Shadows D...View Details

This week, the Gaming Dads get themselves excited for the announcement of No Man's Sky VR, and one dad dips his toes into another galaxy with his firs...View Details

This week the New Dads talk Google Stadia, Halo for PC, and the story of how the New Dads become Apex Champions. This week's Gaming Dad Victory goes t...View Details

This week, the Gaming Dads are talking Overwatch Subreddits, games as a platform, PSVR in an airport, Nintendo VR, and Anthem. Shout out to Gaming Dad...View Details

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